ZMC 2021 Winter  Season

Backcountry Tour

Backcountry Tour

The back country in Yamagata Zao.

 Slope in winter Zao is left, and how about  ski/a snowboard and a snow shoe?

And wouldn't you like to taste powder snow of Mt. Kumanodake and Mt.Jizo?

ZMC is also preparing a safe and fun tour plan.


Zao Mt. Clube Lodge 

The  Lodge is air B & B style .
Only shower avaiable,however we have many public Onsen close by .
You have the chance  to experience many local specialities.
About Zao-hot spring

Zao-hot spring is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan with old history.
And winter Zao is also famous as a resort of Snow-monsters  and skiing.
There is a public hot spring in a town with three, and everyone can enjoy a Japanese hot spring easily.

 Dragon Cafe


An espresso machine for Italian Cimbali

company and the Italian coffee which is the orthodox  in illy coffee, I give my service.

Would you drop in front of  dinner

and tast in wine?

 Special lunch is being prepared for lunch.

 Dragon Cafe

ZMC News


山形市における新型コロナウィルス (COVID-19) 等の感染拡大予防策としてドラゴンカフェの営業時間を3月27日から4月25日までお昼PM5:00までのみといたします。大変申し訳ございませんが、ご理解下さい。

新型コロナウィルス (COVID-19) 等の感染予防策については店内の換気はロスナイを設置し、トイレの手洗は自動水栓化などきめ細かい対策をしております。



Mountain & Ski Guid by ZMC​