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ZMC helps with the seasonal outdoor activity of Zao and Yamagata

ZMC Owner

Kotaro Nitta


Japan Mountain Guides Association
Certified mountain guide


A member of Tohoku Mountain Guides Association

Mountain Guide

ZMC is here to help you enjoy the nature of Zao, Yamagata and Tohoku to the fullest.
We will help you enjoy the nature of Zao, Yamagata and Tohoku to the fullest.
In autumn, trekking in the hidden hot springs and autumn leaves...
Sometimes you can also take a trip to visit the history and folk art by bicycle.
Let's find a different way to travel in Tohoku!

ZMC trekking is based in Yamagata Zao.
Safe, fun and delicious are our keywords.

Trekking is always risky because of wrong paths, sudden changes in weather, and injuries.
Guided trekking helps to reduce such risks as much as possible, making your trek safe and enjoyable.
ZMC trekking also includes a delicious homemade lunch. How about a fun lunch under the blue sky?


Ski Guide

Zao Ski Resort is a vast ski resort.
In the large ski area, you can often find a map in your hand.

looking for hump slopes, powder courses, and
I spend a lot of time looking for the best beginner-friendly courses, and
You may also be wondering where to eat.

A ski guide can help you solve these problems and
Our ski guides will help you solve these problems and have a fun vacation in Zao.
You can choose your favorite time by reservation only.

Competition Ski Service

Pole practice is a difficult chore to do by yourself.
At ZMC, if you make a reservation

You can practice in Zao by yourself without having to move your equipment and set up.

If you make a reservation with ZMC, you can practice in Zao with just yourself.

We will set up the poles on the Ryuzan slope in front of the lodge.
We will set up the poles on the slope of Ryuzan in front of the lodge, so you can train efficiently in a short time.

Reservations are required and help with setting is appreciated.
The fee is 2,000 yen per half day.



Mountain & Ski Guid by ZMC ​​


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