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Zao Mountain Club Lodge

The Zao Mt. club lodge is a small lodge of the bed and breakfast-style in the Ruyzan-slope of Zao.

The very front is a slope.Therefore you can easily enjoy skiing

It is located in the best location for outdoor activity.


Convenient and comfortable

You can enjoy the private time that only a small lodge can provide.
You will feel like you are in your own private villa.
In addition, the lodge is conveniently located in front of the slopes of Mt.
The parking lot is also in front of the lodge.

Fees for use

Twin bed type

one person (7.500Yen)

Single use (8.500Yen)

For consecutive nights, 500 yen off the above price after 5 nights.

Check-in: 3:00PM

Check-Out 11:00AM


About dinner

Please make a reservation for dinner at least one day in advance.


Menu (From 3,500 yen)
・Soup or Salad 
・Main Dish


B&B (accommodation and breakfast only) type.

The room has a restroom in a twin bed.

A lodge does not have the hot spring facilities.

Please use the hot spring of the spa town.

To make a reservation, please click on the button below.









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